Managing information in any business. Part 1.

When looking at this diagram, it's easy to realize that it's a very close portrayal of any kind of everyday human activity. In actuality, every business consists of a client, for whom a certain job must be done or a service performed and the workers who will make this happen.

Human activity
Generic schema of any business activity

To be able to fully control and manage your business you are faced with a triple task:

  • Manage people
  • Manage the business
  • Manage client relations

In the business world, there are many ways to do all these things (we are not the first to innovate the process and we certainly are not the last). Our mission is to help you become familiar with every significant problem that arises when managing a business and provide you with knowledge that can help you resolve them. Sounds interesting? Of course it does! This knowledge will become the best weapon in your arsenal for tackling business-related problems and pushing your company forward towards a successful future.
Although this might sound intricate at first, you will soon realize just how simple the core that drives information exchange is when it is divided into smaller parts and every aspect of it is studied carefully.

Our goal as a company is to describe our products so thoroughly and at the same time so simply, as if though we were asked to give a short but detailed description of the use and functionality of a regular crowbar. Just try it yourselves... pretty easy!? Now try the same for a shovel. As you can see even the most common things aren't so easy to describe without some basic knowledge of their operation.

The Universal schema of any business process
The universal schema of any business process

This more detailed diagram showes required and sufficient amount of the information modules for managing business. The information module is a family of tables of the database related to a specific area or task.

It is noticable that there appeared new entity above all mentioned modules of previous schema - the module for tracking financial resources and money transactions (Accounting & Finances). Nobody can start any business without finances or valuable assets, and of course it is impossible to handle any business without well established accounting system. There are plenty software packages in the world to conduct accounting process. In each country there is a de facto leader of the software for accounting purposes, let's not point fingers at the name, it is not a matter of this article. Let's concentrate on describing the solution of the trippled task declared above.

Managing people resourses is controlled by human resourses department, it is shown as HR module in The universal schema of any business. Human resourse are comprised by employees and contractors (consultants, temporary workers, etc.)

Schematic presentation of data content in
HR module

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