Managing information in any business. Part 3.

Let's take a look at the Safety Management Information Module, which has connections to many other informational and operational modules. As you know, throughout the civilized world, a quality standard for the production of works and the provision of ISO services has been adopted; it is periodically updated and modified. However, the main thing remains in its essence constant: the availability of relevant rules, conditions and requirements for different production processes, developed training and certification programs for specialists and workers for admission to work, associated with risks to life, health, etc. On the basis of such programs, various security certificates are developed according to the level of admission and responsibility, which are obliged to have the employees of enterprises. Workers can be certified in various organizations accredited at the state level in the field of safety training and certification.

Thus, the essential goal of the Information Module on Safety Technique is to ensure operational control and record keeping of safety in business, preventing incidents and accidents at the enterprise, creating an image of an exemplary and reliable company in the eyes of customers and customers. At the stage when the company has several suppliers and subcontractors, we need a system to account for their certificates and licenses for the services. 

This is necessary for the rapid assessment of those companies for compliance with the level of service quality standards and safety. As you have noticed, in this case, the company chooses the best supplier looking at the performance of safety indicators of the hired company. Everything is interconnected in this world: providing safe working conditions, minimizing production incidents, you thereby increase not only the quality of your products and services, but also grow in the eyes of potential customers. 

To create a database block for this purpose, several tables are enough to start with:

  • list of safety certificates related to your business and that are mandatory for employees;
  • list of companies providing training and certification of personnel;
  • link table for associating company employees and their certificates.

Employees of the enterprise must be provided with personal protective equipment, in short, to equip them in accordance with working conditions. So, you need to have a table to manage these objects, even up to the level of creating a virtual warehouse of safety equipment. In addition, we need a table to manage corresponding equipment assigned to the worker, working clothes, etc.

Safety Module
Diagram of Safety Management module

As you can clearly see that there is no rocket technology here, it is enough to make a convenient shell to manage this simple data - and strict and operational accounting for safety measures can be considered established. This kind of duty can be easily managed by an administrative officer of the company, empowered to monitor database messages about the upcoming expiration of employee certificates and send them to certificate renewal courses.  That is, by and large, there is not yet a specific need for a highly educated and, accordingly, costly safety specialist, if the company is more or less normal.

If the management of the company receives signals about violations of safety regulation, reports of incidents have begun to be recorded, sales of products are reduced, then this is a sign of negative trends. In this case, as proactive measure for preventing further incidents within the enterprise, it is necessary to create an additional table, where the date, event participant, type and quantitative risk assessment of the incident should be indicated. Start analyzing these records. Of course, in this case, you can’t do deep and thorough analysis without an expert in the field of safety, and a good expert can really help management to take the company out of a negative trend.



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