Geological exploration management system

Geological exploration management system

ExploRaptor Geo is a relational database management system for automation of geoscience research and economic projects. This package provides users to collect, store, analyze and export scientific data with a user-friendly interface.

It can be implemented on a local MySQL Server or on a webhosting with direct access to MySQL databases.

ExploRaptor database


Access to the application and the database is controlled by role, login and password. Each user gets personal credentials and rights.

Login form

ExploRaptor allows user to manage information such as:

Drillhole Data


Collar Location

  • Drillhole details: date, company, geologist, …
  • X,Y,Z Coordinates

Downhole Survey

  • DH Survey details: date, company, type
  • DH Survey parameters


  • Geology logging intervals
  • Lithology fields, codes, colors, patterns
  • Alteration, Mineralization, Structure
  • Hydrology


  • Elements
  • Assay types
  • Sample assay results
  • Lab methods, suite definitions, shipment
  • QA/QC: standards, duplicates, blanks


Basic application functionality:

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Drillhole form (Well)


DH Samples & Surface Samples



  • Soil & Rock
  • Geochemistry               
  • Environmental
  • Rock Properties
  • Sample Details, Location, Photos

Check Samples

  • Check Sample Intervals
  • Parent Sample
  • CheckType
  • Standard Reference Material
  • Lab QA/QC

Basic application functionality:

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Samples form




After importing/data entry of assay results into the database users can examine and review the integrity, quality and correctness of incoming data on LabSubmittal form. Here is a screenshot - genereic overview of available QAQC charts and tables.

QAQC charts

Importing Data


Assay Import

  • Sample Assay Results
  • Check Samples & Standard Reference Material Results
  • Laboratory Certificates

Well Log Import

  • Well Lithology
  • Well Survey

Sample Import

  • Sample Details
  • Core Data and Photos
  • Surface Samples
  • Sample Shipment tracking

Well Survey Import

  • Collar Survey Information
  • Downhole Survey Information

Drilling Data Import

  • Well Site Reports
  • Daily Driller’s Logs
  • Consumable Reports
  • Expenses Reports

Basic application functionality:

Data Clean-up    Extract    Transfer   Load

Extract Transfer Load process in ExploRaptor

Using additional tool DBRaptor speeds-up ETL process up to 5-10 times

  • Helps to overcome challenges in a very complicated incoming data structures
  • Processes multiple (up to severeal thousands) files per session
  • Handles following formats of incoming files: TXT, CSV, XLS, TAB, Space delimited, LAS
  • Normalizes flat tables


Drilling Module for Drilling Program Tracking *

* is not part of ExploRaptor Geo but can be purchased and included as additional module

Drilling Module structure

Drilling Module User Interface is designed to provide easy management of drilling projects to deliver full control of: work operations, crew management, material consumption, work performance and quality of work.

Drilling Crew

  • Timesheets
  • Human Resources
  • Shift Management


  • Time Tracking
  • Labour Tracking


  • Drill Bit Management
  • Performance Tracking


  • Drilling Consumables
  • Drilling Expenses

The benefit of using Drilling Module is in its ability to quickly generate different reports to analyze performance of drilling crews, drilling consumables, material expenditure and quality analysis.

Drilling Components Usage Report

Basic application functionality:

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Advantages of ExploRaptor Geo

  • ExploRaptor installs on web hosted, MySQL platform
  • Low cost, low overhead
  • Rapid migration of historical data
  • Implementation of ExploRaptor is simple
  • Experienced support and training in relational databases


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